Disgruntled Swedish man attacks police cars with a shovel

Got out of bed on the wrong side, Sven?

In 2015, an American psychologist came to the conclusion that shopping with your partner at Ikea could mean the end of your relationship. Perhaps that is why this Swede's mood is not so great. When bailiffs come to see him, he gets into a shovel and attacks a Volvo and a truck.

The Swedish SVT writes that the man destroyed several passenger cars, tow trucks and police vehicles. In the video below this post you can see how the man goes crazy in his shovel. First he lifts a Volvo and then drops it with a bang. He then drives on towards a tow truck that undoubtedly came to pick up one of the man's vehicles.

While piercing with the fork, a tire of the truck is hit. It explodes, much to the shock of the person behind the camera. After this, the man in the loader pokes around under the hood of the truck. The aggressive Swede is charged with serious damage and sabotaging a police operation. The Swedish police fined the man 1 million Swedish crowns, which is approximately 80,000 euros.