Diesel Offside?

Cologne, 2. August 2017

What is the Diesel summit of the auto industry and the Federal government? There is much to suggest that the Minister be satisfied with Software Updates. However, regardless of the Image of the diesel engine is damaged, the customers are confused. A recent study by the market research Institute YouGov shows.

Car customers are confused

A total of 2.055 persons aged 18 and over were interviewed, and these results, with 100,000 variables cross-linked. 41 percent of the participants feel, therefore, in their confidence in the German car industry rattled. 44 percent do not hold a purchase of a new car currently makes sense. Due to the public debate, and up to 12 percent of the potential customers have postponed the planned new acquisition. Well, a quarter of respondents (27 per cent), flirting now with foreign brands, similar to the percentage in the case of Audi, VW and BMW owners.

Diesel share is falling rapidly,

Around a third thinks about alternative drives such as electric, gas or Hybrid. Even higher this proportion is, by the way in the commercial Fleet and fleet: In companies with over 1,000 employees, half of it thinks of 47% of the managers already almost about alternative technologies. But back to the YouGov poll: 40 percent of the Interviewees that currently operate a Diesel, buy a Diesel. This uncertainty underpins the latest Figures from the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). Accordingly, the gasoline share in new vehicle registrations in July amounted to 2017, 56 per cent, of the Diesel from bags to 40.5 percent. Compared to the previous month, the diesel 12.7 percent, nearly all of it is absorbed completely from the petrol models lose. Hardly less dramatic is the change in the previous month, a decline of 6.6 percent.(rh)