Did Winterkorn early decision?

Hair, 23 October 2015

Ex - CEO Martin Winterkorn previously insisted repeatedly that he had no knowledge of the Cheat software in many diesel models. Whether this claim is true, now appears doubtful, however, show how reports of " Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung " ( FAZ ) and the " Manager Magazin " from last Thursday ( October 22 ).

Discussion on the board already in 2014?

After that, the VW brand Board has discussed the issue in the spring of 2014th Specifically, it was about a letter of the US Environmental Protection Agency to VW. As Winterkorn then not only was CEO, but also led the VW brand, he would have led the meeting in question. Manager Magazin appeals to a protocol note to the meeting. Their existence is, however, denied by VW, the FAZ.

The EPA had the allegations been long known

Quite unlikely such a discussion does not appear. Because the EPA since May 2014 knew of the differences between the emissions on the test bench and in real driving conditions, such as from a dated September 2015 stating published on the Internet letter of authority to VW. As the FAZ report further states VW responded in December 2014, with a voluntary recall in the United States, however, did not resolve the problem. When the EPA announced it the automaker in July 2015 which, however, did not react. This VW waited until the Authority published the facts in September 2015th ( sl )