Delivery of 34,000 PS

Munich, May 31, 2016

The magical letter M actually stands for "Motor Sport" at BMW cars. But on May 25, 2016 he could have meant "Powerful performance" or "Millions". Total 73 M models with around 34,000 HP have been passed within the framework of the "M days" in the BMW world their new owners.

45 strong GTS highlights

That day was the entire automobile delivery reserved in the BMW world for M customers, including the 20 turntable of the big premiere area. The highlight: Divided between two groups of 45 passed a total BMW M4 GTS, common motor launch included. Even for the Chief of the BMW world, Helmut Käs, something special: "never, we suddenly have delivered as many PS", cheese was amazed.

Million values in Munich

To illustrate, the key figures of the BMW serve M4 GTS. The 500 HP strong offshoot of the M4 Coupé was specially designed for the racetrack, a Northern loop time of 7:28 minutes speaks for itself. Nevertheless the maximum 305 km/h fast GTS is everyday use. Only 700 copies are planned, each of them 142,600 euros, each is already sold. We add up quickly and establish: over 6.4 million euro expensive sheet metal in one place. (rh)