Dashing Frenchman with neat draught

Lennestadt, 16 June 2016

The new Renault Mégane GT boasts 205 HP, a dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel steering. To bring the sporty compact visually to the front, the suspension specialists H & r now offer a sport spring Kit and spacers for the vehicle.

Better optics for the top Mégane

The springs are designed for use with the series dampers and deeper the Mégane to 25 mm per axle. This should dramatically reducing the roll tendency and driving stability develop a positive. To make the overall picture still coherent, there are H & r starting now wheel spacers for the Renault. The extensions, which comes in 10, 14 and 20 mm thickness, move the wheels still more prominent in the light.

All items with opinion

The sport springs for the Renault Mégane GT costs around 285 euros, falls due at least 42 euro for the spacers. All parts come with an opinion for hassle-free registration to the customers. (mf)