Crazy tricycle spin for Europe

County, August 10, 2015

On August 1, 2014 Polaris ?? gave an American quad, snowmobile and motorcycle manufacturers ?? announced that they intend to propose a new power tricycle on the US market. The unusual vehicle looks like a cross between Morgan 3 Wheeler and KTM X-Bow and screaming ( like the competition from Austria and the UK ) out for driving pleasure. A year after the US launch now the drumbeat: The Polaris slingshot to come to Europe.

173 hp to 790 kilos

The Slingshot is based on a tubular frame made ​​of high strength steel and weighs in at just 790 kg on the scales. It is powered by a 2.4 - liter four-cylinder. The engine delivers 175 hp at 7,000 r / min and 225 Nm of torque at 4,700 rev / min. It is shifted via a manual five-speed transmission. The power passes through a carbon - reinforced drive belt to the rear wheel. As with the motorcycle of fat 20-inch tires sits on a single rocker. Front rotate two 18 - inch wheels. Information on the performance of the slingshot not make Polaris unfortunately.

Comfort and trunk

In the " interior " there are an infotainment system with 4.3-inch LCD display, reversing camera, USB port, Bluetooth connection and six speakers. Even on storage space the occupants do not have to do without: According to the manufacturer is located behind the seats a kind of small trunk and a lockable glove compartment in the cockpit is standard.

Bureaucracy and prices

And now a little bureaucratic: Since the Slingshot is namely more motorcycle than car drivers must have a motorcycle license and always wear a helmet. In the US, the fun starts currently at 21,199 US dollars (about 19,300 euros ). The Slingshot SL will cost 25,199 US dollars (equivalent to 23,000 euros ) and the flagship SL LE beats with 26,199 US dollars (about 23,900 euros ) to book. As Polaris designed the prices in Europe and especially in Germany, is not yet known . (ml)