Completely networked in the future

Cologne, 27 February 2016

Just in time, the French car manufacturer Peugeot comes with an autonomous vehicle around the corner to the Geneva car show 2017 (March 9-19). The "concept of instinct" better can bridge the gap between car, his driver and the environment, as the competitors currently do it.

Shootingbrake with sharp edges

Peugeot approach to the self-propelled car comes in the form of a classic Shootingbrakes. The design is reminiscent of the Ferrari F12. The lines are sharply drawn and LED headlights rather narrow slits. A large glass roof, which is held by a backbone of also deep blue towers over the deep blue body. An active aerodynamics with movable spoilers, refrigerators should adjust the air resistance to the respective driving situation. Under the long hood sits a plug-in hybrid with around 300 HP system power, which drives all four wheels.

Four driving modes on board

The systems under the glass roof are more interesting than the drive technology. The passengers take on seating space, which are inspired by an aircraft and can be transformed from an upright position into an almost fully flat bed. Steering wheel and pedals drive in one of the two autonomous modes "Autonomous Sharp" and "Autonomous soft" independently in the center console and disappear there. Also for active driving, there are two modes: "Drive Boost" and "Drive Select".

The Internet of things

The Peugeot developers laid special emphasis on the implementation of the IoT platform. That stands for "Internet of Things" or in German "Internet of things". Networked devices such as Smartphones, Smartwatches or budgetary but also connected to the Internet and entertainment devices are meant. With the help of the IoT, the Peugeot is to learn and improve whose daily routine by its user. An example: "it is Monday, 7:45. You drive a quarter of an hour earlier than otherwise going on, in time to get into your meeting at 8:30. The navigation device in your car has adapted, taking into account the traffic and the weather with your busy schedule and suggested to bring forward your departure by 15 minutes to arrive on time. You go into your vehicle and your HiFi system continues the song you have heard before in your living room. As soon as you start the engine, the front door is locked." Sounds pretty cool, or? (mf)