Colorful, fast, flat

Cologne, December 4, 2015

The curtain has been lifted: Peugeot has unveiled its new Dakar vehicle for 2016th Four Peugeot 2008DKR take on the infamous rally from 2 - 16th January part in Argentina and Bolivia. S├ębastien Loeb, St├ęphane Peterhansel, Despres and Carlos Sainz Cyril: At the wheel of a dream team sits.

Silver roof against the sun

By 2016, Peugeot has the 2008 DKR fundamentally revised. He is now wider, faster, flatter and more. The aggressive look is enhanced by a striking pasting, which ensures that the Peugeots are noticed even in the desert. For the first time the roof of the 2008DKR will be silver to reflect the intense sunlight during the Argentine summer, can be achieved in the temperatures of over 50 degrees Celsius.

Spare wheels now in the side boxes

The new design reflects how many modifications to the vehicle have been made since his Dakar debut eleven months ago. The new dimensions have changed the weight distribution significantly. Thus, the spare wheels are, for example, now in the side pods, thereby lowering the center of gravity and the handling has been improved. The new body of 2008 DKR16 ?? as the complete name of the new evolutionary stage is ?? stands out due to unusual surfaces and curves.

" Even in stand fast "

" If the car works so well, it looks like we will have a strong year ," says Peugeot Sport Director Bruno Famin engine. "With his final pasting the Peugeot 2008DKR looks even when standing quickly. We now know that our cars are left on the Dakar 16 optical impression. Now it's up to us to implement this as a team, too." The 38th edition of the Dakar Rally will start on 2 January in Buenos Aires and ends on January 16 in Rosario ?? both located in Argentina. But before the Peugeot - Total team are nearly 10,000 kilometers of track, where South America is crossed almost in its entire width . ( sl )