Citroen C5 Tourer Cross Flexible in height

Flexible in height

Also Citroen now takes an estate in offroad dress into the program. He has indeed no all-wheel drive, but can score with a technique that does not have the competition in the program.

Citroen extends the range of the middle-class estate C5 Tourer a variation in off-road style. The so-called Cross Tourer waiting for, among others, with extended wings, and an indicated underride protection made ​​of brushed aluminum. There is also a raised suspension, which can be combined with the brand's typical hydro-pneumatic suspension, which adjusts the ride height at the respective speed. In addition, to facilitate driving on loose surfaces specially programmed traction control. All-wheel drive but there is no pity!

The premier of the C5 Tourer Cross at the Geneva Motor Show ( March 6 to 16 ), in the trade he comes short time later. Price lists are not the manufacturer. In the competition, the rather long ago similar off-road models has in the program is the additional cost for such design packages at several thousand euros. The base price for the C5 Tourer without "Cross" equipment is currently at 25,300 euros.