Cheap Yes, but safely?

Brussels (Belgium), 27 October 2016

The new Fiat Tipo is a five-door hatchback with a base price of 14.990 euro unquestionably very cheap. But a new EuroNCAP crash test casts doubt on its safety. With the standard safety equipment, compact car Fiat received only three stars of five. With the optional safety package, the car received however four stars.

Two tests for a car

The rules of EuroNCAP allow two tests to a model if the manufacturer wants. In addition to a version with standard safety equipment, a version with an optional security package is then examined. Prerequisite: The package must be offered in all markets for all versions and it has to be sold in substantial quantities.

Better order security package

The security package of the Tipo costs 250 euro in Germany according to the price list and an emergency brake assist system includes a speed limiter. It can be ordered however only in conjunction with a cruise for another 250 euro. EuroNCAP Chief Michiel van Ratingen says customers should order it in any case: "the Tipo is marketed as a practical vehicle with good cost-benefit ratio. "But to get as much safety and to bring the car to the protection level of the main rivals in the segment, buyers should not allow the security package." The Auditors of the system were completely thrilled but not apparently. The testers criticized that it can not prevent the impact with a standing vehicle at speeds below 20 km/h. (sl)