Cheap pleasure

Leverkusen, April 22, 2015

Many fans have been waiting eagerly, finally stood since the premiere of the new Mazda MX - 5, a question will be: What will the new cost? It is now clear: No more than the previous model.

Is less more?

As before starting the Mazda MX-5 at 22,990 euros, but instead offers 126 now 131 hp fetched from 1.5 liters. In addition, always joined by a manual six-speed gearbox. The basic version of the new MX-5 is called " Prime Line" and is already properly equipped. On board here include air conditioning, full-LED headlights, 16-inch alloy wheels and an audio system with USB port. Interestingly, this model is mainly for those Roadster fans who do not want to have enthroned the seven-inch screen on the center console. This is in fact from the 1,000 euros more expensive " center line " of the case. Other extras that are included here, are a cruise control, Bluetooth hands-free kit and a two-ply hood with better insulation.

Hardly single Extras

If you want to have the stronger two-liter engine with 160 hp, must resort to "Exclusive Line". Cost point here: 26.890 euros, the smaller aggregate 25,390 euros. For this, the customer gets a strut bar, a limited slip differential, a lane departure warning, automatic climate control and leather upholstery with heated seats. When more powerful engine 17-inch aluminum rims are added. The new MX-5 is the top model "Sports Line", which costs 27,490 respectively 28,990 euros depending on the engine. On board are then also a navigation system, Park distance control, a Bose sound system and a sport suspension for the 160-hp version. As with Mazda usual, no options except for metallic paint (490 euros) and navigation (600 euros, from center line) can be ordered individually. Only the top equipment is a sports package available. It includes Recaro sports seats with leather and Alcantara upholstery, a Ausparkhilfe, dynamic cornering lights, and a lane change assistant with Totwinkelwarner. The merchants of the new Mazda MX-5 rolls in the third quarter of the year 2015th (Rh)