Car Wash Calendar 2015: Total traversed

Munich, November 13, 2014

When you hear " Car Wash Calendar ", think of pretty ladies in skimpy bikinis wienern with water hose, charm and foam under great physical exertion fine sheet metal bodies? We also. But this calendar here is slightly different.

Already the fifth edition

In the month pictures are American Hot Rods to see Russian limousines, German and Italian micro Mobile sports icons. So far we know that. But besides posing ?? Men in underwear. This sounds like the summit of bad taste. Obviously there's but people who liked because of the calendar year with the panties designs appear in 2015 for the fifth time.

Arrange pictures with humor

The makers behind the whimsical work of the graphic designer and photographer Janet Schürmeyer Paula Kopczynski. You do not want people to take their calendar too seriously. " We come in peace and fight with humor " is the subtitle also logical. The motifs are arranged with much wit, signed the images nice. So lying on the April image in a Snow White Volvo P1800 ES from 1973 and a bedröppelt looking young man in " zwergentränendurchnässten prince Creeper" is next. If you want to nail the printed eye-catcher on the wall, you can order it at for 29,90 Euro . (HD)