Car is not taxed more heavily by new CO2-test

The purchase of a car is not taxed more heavily as a result of the new WLTP method to the CO2-emissions to be measured. According to research from TNO on which secretary of state Menno Fast (Finance) the Second Room has informed.

Since september all the cars that are in the European Union are sold, have been tested with the new WLTP-method. The outcome is then using a calculation model is translated to the old method of testing, where the rates for the aanschafbelasting (bpm) are based. Car dealers warned that the new tests have a much higher CO2 emissions would be able to roll, with a much higher bpm.

The ministry has TNO are asked to investigate. The research institute concludes that the so far surveyed cars have higher CO2 emissions, but that this largely is because on average, they are heavier and more power.

TNO signs that it had the release data of only a very limited number of cars. That made it "virtually impossible" to come to a unambiguous image. Next year, if there is more according to WLTP-tested cars are sold, there will be a follow-up study.

The cabinet now sees no reason why the bpm rates for next year to adapt. That was possible had been done if the new tests for a hefty increase in the tax credit had provided. In the long term there is a new bpm-table, which is based on the CO2 emissions according to the new test method.