BMW shows digital instrument display

Munich, 18. April 2018

For all the BMW enthusiasts, the new M2 Competition is sure to be the Sensation of the hour, however, the Munich show on their Digital Day in 2018, a further novelty, which is expected to play for the future, a much more decisive role. The speech is from the so-called Operating System 7.0. This is BMW's future, fully digital Display and operating concept.

Soon in the volume models?

We will probably see the new instrument display first in the upcoming High-End models such as the X7 or the soon to be released 8. It also comes in the next 3-series and 1-series digital Display - "Revolution", is at least probable. Especially when you consider what Mercedes held currently in the new A-class for a Cockpit madness.

Big Screen Complex

According to BMW, the new design of the instrument will be able to represent Combi-customizable Display. In addition to a navigation maps-cutting place for classical instruments, media content, and so on. In addition, the instrument display will fit in seamlessly with the Infotainment screen on the center console. How do we know this? Oh, right, of Mercedes. Or the new VW Touareg, with its XXL-screen-composite. The Infotainment Screen itself should be able to deal better with intuitive Touch operation. In addition, there will continue to be the ability to control via language, Gestures, or the traditional iDrive Controller. The operation of the infotainment system is operated via up to ten freely-configurable main pages, each with two to four tiles (as you know already now from BMW-models), the display content in real-time.

New mobile wireless standard 5G in the car

Other topics on BMW Digital Day the use of the future mobile wireless standards 5G in the vehicle networking, the key role of artificial intelligence on the way to Autonomous Driving, as well as the benefits of an intelligently networked vehicle fleet. In the course of the year 2018 BMW wants to clarify its real-time traffic and hazard reports. The rapid and accurate dissemination of information on road conditions and traffic situations was also important, in order to optimize the systems for Autonomous Driving.(sw)