BMW lifts the M2

Munich, 8 February 2017

What you see here, are the first test pictures of the new BMW M2. No, don't worry, the M2 is followed not after less than a year and the much speculated, super sharp M2 CS is not here also. It's just a face lift. Analogue for maintaining the normal BMW 2-series model more or less.

Slight optical Retouchings

The quite clearly disguised front of this M2 prototype suggests that there will be changes to the apron and air intakes. Newly shaped headlamps and a modified front grille can also be expected. At the rear, we tap new taillights and a slightly mofizierten diffuser.

Comes a new engine?

Mechanical updates for the 2018 M2 are also apparent on the basis of the Erlkönig images. The front brake is slightly larger than in the current car, also we see changes to the exhaust, indicating a new engine under certain circumstances. Perhaps the old N55 engine must give way to one of the new, modular units of BMW. Analog, we expect the M2 facelift to freshen up the 2 series at the end of 2017.(sw)