BMW Euro 6 „Our Diesel is clean“

„Our Diesel is clean“

In the discussion to high exhaust emissions in diesel vehicles, BMW has confirmed yesterday that the BMW Euro-6 vehicles of the company were tampered with or the statutory requirements were not complied with. The allegation that due to a small Adblue tank success a sufficient exhaust gas purification, the automobile manufacturer.

The BMW technology used differs significantly from others in the market, said in a press release. It was a combination of several. To the extent that the exhaust gas purification is carried out by means of urea injection Adblue, to be installed in the cars in addition to a nitrogen oxide storage catalyst. As a result, all legal emission would meet the requirements, and "a very good real mission behavior". Therefore, Euro-6 Diesel passenger Cars of the group a recall or a retrofit is not necessary for BMW.

The alleged antitrust concern collusion among several German car manufacturers, BMW announced yesterday that talks with other groups about the size of the Adblue tank

have targeted.

The company reiterated its intention to appropriate Euro-5 models to make a voluntary and free Software Upgrade to reduce the emissions further. (ampnet/jri)

BMW wants to hold on to, despite the battered Image of diesel cars, particularly in Europe, remains very popular type of drive. Sales chief Ian Robertson criticized in the framework of the Auto Show in Shanghai this month, in the debate, to high exhaust gas values between the old and the new Diesel technology will be differentiated.