BMW brings electric X3

Hair, 9. February 2018

The electric X3 is hot iX3. This BMW follows the previously announced change of course in the electrical strategy. Future models will differ as colorful dogs (i3 and i8) from the rest of the models, but on the platforms of "normal" variants of build. The new spy photos of the iX3 make this particularly clear. The electric SUV that looks like a normal X3. After having a closer Look of the lettering "Electric Test Vehicle" falls into the eye. An indicator that there is no Hybrid drives: exhaust pipes are not present.

Market introduction in 2020

In addition, the tank lid, or rather, the plug cover is emblazoned on the left front. Information on the range of power BMW. However, it is assumed that you will be over 300 kilometers. Anything else would be a disappointment, since the current i3, with a load of already similar. The market launch of the iX3: 2020. With significantly higher ranges should be expected to be in 2021, if BMW brings the iNEXT on the market. Despite this realignment, the i-brand is not to die. Instead, the focus is now on Autonomous Driving, and Connectivity functions. Which of the iX3 will have on Board, is not yet known. (ie)