Blink again!

Hair, 12 August 2016

Do you know that? They are fast on the highway on the road and want to overtake. Suddenly pulls the right side man without flashing to the left, you must in the iron. Or a different situation: stand at the crossroads and want to turn. However, the oncoming traffic flashes only when turning off itself, if at all. And so considering how often: no more than flashes? Does the process cost money? The turn signal lever is a coin?

Flash communication

About one-third of German motorists not so exactly it takes according to expert opinion. Where is the turn signal is one of the few ways to communicate while driving with other road users. Nowadays, almost all new cars have a so-called "tip light", in which the unique touch provides three indicator bars. Added: particularly in the turn indicators in the front is sometimes difficult detection for other motorists, because they barely make out in the middle of the spotlight. However, it remains essential that even blinks.

When must be flashed?

The Highway Code regulates that fact quite in detail. Basically, the driver of each change of lane must indicate by flashing. This applies for example when overtaking and passing on an upcoming obstacle on the road. The flashing even when the up or down from a highway or expressway is particularly important. Duty is also always on time to use the flasher, so other road users can adjust accordingly. Actually all things that have been taught in driving school.

Ten euro fine, problems with the accident

: Important the direction display when turning off. By other road users must be flashing down bending desire. That applies also to priority abknickender or shut out from a roundabout. When entering the roundabout must are not flashed, however, to exclude misunderstandings. Blink obligation applies also when starting from the edge of the road or out of a parking space, and when for example from a land exit to the road. Who does not Flash, risking a fine of ten euros. In the face of this ridiculous amount, it is not surprising that some cares a damn about the rules. It is even more expensive in the accident, here the not Bobber for consequences shall be liable. The onus is important here for the other parties, therefore the name and address of witnesses should be noted. (rh)