Back to Basics: Mercedes-Benz A-class

Indeed, we treat again a Mercedes-Benz A-class in 'Back to Basics'. This year, it was the previous generation, namely a successor, so the highest time to come to treat. For just a little more than thirty thousand euros a A 160 for the door. Is that a better offer than the previous one?

Mercedes-Benz A 160 € 30.687

A scoop this week, because it is for the first time in the history of this section that we have a car for the second time treat. At the end of last year was the previous generation A-class in the Back to Basics-spotlight. A red copy (photo 10-12) for less than 29 mille. That turned out to be a nice offer, among other standard cruise control, a front zipper with safety features and (temporarily) standard vending machine. Time to one of Mercedes' newest members of the family and the successor of the previous A under the microscope.

With a whole new generation increases the starting price to just above the 30 mille. For that money, you have the same A 160-version, but with a completely new petrol engine. The 109 hp strong block despite his 7 extra horsepower, a little less quickly from the place, but has a higher top speed of 200 km/h. This time it's not automatic, but a manual zesbak. Also true for the new A-class is actually exactly the same as for the previous generation: you get a neat little hatchback for the money you pay. So spray Mercedes, the five-door free in different colors. Although the majority probably for the boring black coat colour is selected, you can cranks also for the yellow or, as in our duurtester, red color! Alloy wheels skips Daimler from the list of standard amenities, but the 16-inch caps look on the first glance not very cheap. Pity, however, are the halogen headlights which are very parting in addition to the led daytime running lights in the same headlight units.

Inside take your place on the 'Tandel' stoffe seats and you stand equal eye-to-eye with the large MBUX-screen for the infotainment system. Especially in comparison with the old screen a few pictures also, the difference is enormous. However, for those who look closely will notice that the screen is not as in richer equipped versions from a single image. The two smaller beeldschermpjes with black high-gloss plastic in between. The system, you can operate under other by means of the multifunction steering wheel with touch control buttons. This wheel is not covered with leather, because that has an additional charge of € 212. The passengers between the front seats standard cruise control, the driver can be the key in his pocket at the start. Windows and mirrors are (obviously) electrically operated, as are the lights and wipers that without the efforts of the driver to operate. Mercedes makes the list with the standard presence of cruise control, rear view camera, automatic air conditioning (one zone), and Dynamic Select for multiple driving modes.

All in all, a fairly complete listing. But as we that of the German car brands are used to, it can always be a little bit more. The price can also significantly increase by several packages for exterior, interior, safety, or other luxury. Separate options are also available in the form of a panoramic roof (€ 1.125), 16-inch vijfspaaks alloy (€ 545), electrically adjustable front seats (€ 762) or heated seats (€ 351).

Curious about more differences between the previous and current A-class? In the 'Old and New' by AutoWeek 43 passing through both generations. This number is now in the shops.