Audi E-tron GT is just as far as the E-tron

At the beginning of this year announced that Audi, the advent of the E-tron GT, an elongated four-door that in 2020 should come on the market. We now have more information about that car.

This year added Audi the E-tron to its line-up, an electric SUV and also Audi's first fully electric model. That E-tron will be in 2020 the company of the E-tron GT, a at the beginning of this year announced four-door-EV which we now more have come to know. The English Coach has spoken with Siegfried Pint, head of Audi's aandrijflijnafdeling, some facts, etc.

According to Pint gets the E-tron GT a radius of action that is similar to that of the E-tron. That would mean that car more than 400 miles away would be able to get. In addition there is the E-tron GT a greater focus on sportsmanship, according to Pint. The E-tron should be in such a 5,5 count to a speed of 100 km/h can sprint. The E-tron GT must be so rapper.

It is not inconceivable that, during the Los Angeles Motor Show, next month ports are open, more of the E-tron GT get to see, it may be in draft form. We expect that the car uses the same technical basis as the Porsche Taycan.