Audi and BMW: retrofit for Euro-5 Diesel

Munich, 29. June 2017

The Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer is in concern for the domestic auto industry: in addition to the exhaust affair with VW and Audi is a General Diesel-driving ban for large cities such as Munich are in the room. The consequence is uncertainty for the customers, but also to the employees of Audi, BMW and MAN. The CEO met with Seehofer, to adopt common measures on air pollution.

Less Emissions

As BMW CEO Harald Kr├╝ger, for example, says: "There are smarter options than bans." And so, the two core points of the Bavarian car-summit, the retrofitting of older Diesel Cars by the manufacturer, as well as the promotion of low-emission mobility.

Retrofitting of Euro-5 diesel

For the consumer, the most important issue is the "education of Euro-5 Diesel passenger Cars is likely to be due to pure software solutions," as stated in the official Statement a bit stilted. This action would be carried out nationwide, and across all brands, the level of nitrogen oxide emissions from the existing diesel fleet by 2021 cut in half. Audi and BMW say it can reach at least 50 percent of their Euro-5 diesel fleet to a level, in order to continue in the cities.

Software Upgrade at no extra cost?

To this end, appropriate Euro-5 Diesel by Software be upgraded to the Upgrade. The Bavarian car industry is to start immediately with the preparations. Within a year, the development of the Software and its deployment is expected to be completed in the workshops. The cost for the development and certification of the conversion of the manufacturer, the conversion is to be offered in the workshops at cost price. Subject to the provisions of a uniform Federal scheme we aim to provide a cost-neutrality for the customers.

Sales incentives per Vehicle tax

On the part of the Bavarian state government to work out Changes in the Vehicle tax. In the since 2009 existing System, all diesel vehicles will be treated as from Euro 3 are the same. That's about to change, in order to create purchase incentives for vehicles with a so-called Euro - 6d-Euro-6d-TEMP technology. The aim is to increase the share of Euro-6 diesel engines for Audi, BMW, and around 50 per cent. In Parallel, the support to build more charging stations for electric cars and Plug will be increased-in Hybrids, in addition, you may want to set up more CNG refuelling stations. The whole of the measures adopted shall be reviewed annually, by the year 2020, it is decided about the further procedure.(rh)