Audi: a 10-billion saving for E-Offensive

Ingolstadt, 1. August 2017

How Volkswagen will apparently also try Audi, massively reduce costs, to accelerate the Transition from glow to electric cars. By 2022, the brand with the four rings wants to reduce their spending by about ten billion euros. To the own Image, as a result of the Diesel-Polish scandal, Audi also operates the electric-escape to the front. Three electric cars to come on the market in 2020. By 2025, almost every fourth car sold should have a electric motor under the hood.

Old braids cut off

Such a Company will cost, of course, a great deal of money. Money the need elsewhere. The bulk of it probably in other areas of research and development. The Back of investments in Diesel technology would seem like a plausible step. In addition, it is likely to help, as many of the new electric platforms, modules and components to be shared with Porsche developed. This information was first published by the Handelsblatt. Audi has not commented on this so far.

Even more parts

A few months ago, it was already proclaimed that "the best minds of both companies (Audi and Porsche) will jointly define the technical course for the future". With a brand new architecture for electric, Autonomous vehicles. Audi is also working with companies like Nvidia to Autonomous technologies, which are very divided, probably, also with other brands of the Volkswagen Group.

Top managers before being thrown out

In order to achieve its ambitious financial and development goals, and to much-needed trust with customers and workforce to rebuild, Audi is very likely of some of his Top managers. As the news service Reuters reported, four of the seven Board members shortly before their demise. Chairman of the Board, Stadler, however, should not be up for debate.(sw)