As a blend of the BMW X6 and Dakar Racer

Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 27. June 2017

Like a cross between a BMW X6 and a Dakar race car, the sand racer from Zarooq motor seems. The car was presented in December 2015. After comprehensive Tests, as well as various improvements, it is now in production – first of all, but only as a strictly limited Edition of 35 pieces with the name-sand racer 500GT.

The customers demanded more

As before, it is a two-seater with rear-wheel drive and mid-engine. After the presentation of the first draft, the customer would, however, require more Power and an even more radical Design, explains Iannis Mardell, one of the company founders. Therefore, the car has been styled with a modified Front, a eye-catching exhaust system and a massive diffuser is even more aggressive. The Space-Frame Chassis has been improved. The results of virtual crash tests and real Tests on race tracks and off-road trails have been taken into account.

V8 instead of V6

The engine was also upgraded. Originally, there was talk of a 3.5-Liter V6, but now is a 6.2-Liter V8. He brings a 525 horsepower and 660 Newton meters of torque. With only 1.2 tons of weight, which should provide decent performance Figures, the manufacturer is not called, however. A longitudinal built-in, sequential five-speed racing gearbox from Weddle Industries. The maximum spring travel has been increased to 45 centimeters. Two height settings allow you to adapt to road and slope, the diffuser can be removed for off-road use. For the safety of a roll cage, which was designed by the engineers of the Spanish formula 3 team Campos Racing.

Coach from Belgium, interior from Germany

The Carbon body is produced in Belgium. In contrast, the interior comes from Germany: The refinements of the high-priced cars, well-known Tuner Mansory, from Brand in the upper Palatinate provides a hand-stitched leather interior, custom carbon fiber seats and a steering Wheel.

A super sports car for a lot of things

Zarooq engine sees the car as a super athlete, however, a special kind of super sports cars look fantastic, drives sporty cockpit and high performance, so Zarooq-in-chief Mohammed Al Qadi. But they are usually built all of them for tracks. Zarooq engine, however, super sports, which are suitable for a weekend on the racetrack builds", for the comfortable stroll through the city and even for the off-road ride through the toughest of the Arabian desert dunes."

At Least 400,000 Euros

The sale has already begun, but the deliveries will start only in the fourth quarter of 2017, so from October. If you want to buy a sand racer, should be your Bank account to Zack: The prices in the UAE start at 450.000 dollars, the equivalent of about 402.000 Euro.(sl)