Art cars

Milan (Italy), 20 July 2016

When does a car become art? Some people says, by a great body design. BMW can make its vehicles by artists to "Art Cars" for over 40 years. Garage Italia customs, the company of the Fiat heir Lapo Elkann, has a different approach: for an exhibition in Los Angeles, it has provided two vehicles with familiar motifs from art history.

Exceptional Japan-Alfa

The Alfa Romeo 4C Hokusai is on one side. He is, as the name suggests, a homage to the Japanese culture on Italian base. Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) invented not only the term "Manga", but also with the "great wave off Kanagawa" one of the most famous Japanese artworks created. Exactly that image was brought by airbrush technique on the body of the 4 C. Particularly at the rear and on the roof of the wave dominated. Inside, bright spots such as the Koi fish leather accents.

Car today is yesterday's future

On the other hand, the BMW i8 "Futurism Edition" is located. Garage Italia customs the 50-year history of BMW in Italy will celebrate with him. Suitable to trend-setting drive, the artwork of futurists provided the basis here. Giacomo Balla painted his oil painting "Street light", which was launched by foiling the i8 in 1909. The central element of the picture is an electric lamp post in the light of the moon. Matching the fabrics in the Interior change depending on the light. Who wants to see both cars live: from July 30th until September 10, 2016 she issued Los Angeles Venus Gallery in the. (rh)