Architecture on wheels

Paris ( France ), October 22, 2015

There are names for which the use of a pseudonym is pressing formally. Charles-Edouard Jeanneret - Gris is one of them. As " Le Corbusier " the man made ​​career and became one of the most important architects of the 20th century. From him, Renault has inspired a new concept vehicle.

Between living machines and villas

Le Corbusier was born in 1887 in Switzerland, but would like in France career. His residences called " Unité d`Habitation " worried after 1945 a stir, although critics saw this as " machines for living " and models for satellite towns. Already before the war, namely from 1928 until 1931, Le Corbusier, the very modern-looking " Villa Savoye " built in Poissy near Paris. In the meantime the listed Flachdachbau an exhibition will take place until 20 March 2016, the ( roughly ) deals with cars and residential architecture. The occasion is the 50th anniversary of Le Corbusier in the year 2015th

Art Group

In his honor, the industrial designers of the Renault Group have the so-called " Coupé Corbusier " designed. You have to be inspired by the ideas of the great master, says: clarity, visible aesthetic structures, geometric elegance and light art. Well then. Also interesting is that Renault has provided some pieces from his extensive collection of more than 300 works of art that emerged 1967-1985 the exhibition at the Villa Savoye . ( rh )