Allow, Sedric. I am self employed

Geneva/Wolfsburg, 9 March 2017

The thing that 2017 (March 9-19) has brought VW to the Geneva car show, doesn't look like a car actually. In his black and white look with the modestly hidden wheels, it reminds rather than a that crawly Panda bears. Random is not, because the car to act friendly and sympathetic, maybe different than other show cars.

The group as a booster

The "thing" bears the name of Sedric, which stands for SElf DRIving car. The study will be presented not by the VW brand, but by the group. He should be in the future according to the will of CEO Matthias Müller pulse - and idea supplier for the individual brands, if also the series cars still and so forth come from VW, Audi, Bentley. Sedric comes out without a driver, thus satisfies the definition for fully autonomous driving (level 5).

Button reverses the car

Fully automated vehicles like Sedric is required less space and energy, mobility is secure and sustainable. And they allow mobility for children, seniors and people with disabilities, for city dwellers, who have no own car or a driver's license, as well as for tourists. The key control element consists of a button to press and a ring, which indicates the arrival time by Sedric and vibration signals causing the vehicle blind people. A touch of a button, and the car goes forward.

Speaking with the electronic driver

For the ancestors, Sedric recognizes its users the two-piece door opens. Sedric communicates through language. The goal, the way, the journey, the current traffic situation, maybe a short stopover on the road is about as discussed with a chauffeur. Go watch the inmates on a windshield, which is equipped as a large OLED display with augmented reality capabilities, or you close your eyes and relax.

Very independent

Sedric could be part of the fleet of the VW Mobilitätsdienstleisters Moia, but also an individual vehicle of one of the Group's brands. Because in the future many will want to have their own car, VW believes. But that will be quite independently: driving the children automatically to the school and then the parents into the Office, looking for a parking space independently, collects ordered purchases, brings visitors from the train station and the son of the sports ground from everything at your fingertips, by voice command or by Smartphone app.

Lounge on wheels

Sedric is powered by an electric motor, the batteries are flat in the ground. Inside, steering wheel, pedals and cockpit are missing. Sedric is designed as a comfortable lounge on wheels for 2 + 2 persons. The rear seats look like a comfortable couch, opposite, there are two jump seats. For a more relaxed setting is even real green on board: the plants before the rear window support the cleansing effect of the bamboo charcoal air filter so that not only the environment, but also the inner world of Sedric stays clean. (sl)