Ahead of his time: Toyota Prius

In this section we look not for, but backward, through the eyes of imaginary designers who long ago was a foresight. Today: the Toyota Prius, from 1977.

In 1977, Toyota is busy with the build of the Celica, Cressida, Land Cruisers and a lot of Corolla's. The one thing that had all these models have in common: they were unadulterated fossil fuel. Gasoline with electricity mix, came when still not in the minds of the engineers, at Toyota, nor at other brands. Nevertheless, it would be Toyota two decades later, the precursor to be, as a result, the brand today is a leader with its hybrid technology.

One thing is for sure: its alternative powertrain, the Prius never under chairs or sofas pushed and we therefore dare to claim that a Prius in 1977, nothing else had seemed to than all the wonderful things that at that time the Japanese factory gates left. A matter of taste perhaps? But oh well, who milled about good taste in the year that the Smurfenlied by Father Abraham is the second best-selling single was..

This illustration appeared in AutoWeek Classics number 7/2017.

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