Again a C8 of Spyker, but with more power

Blaricum (Netherlands), March 1, 2016

Spyker, the Dutch manufacturer of fancy sports cars, is back. At the Geneva Motor Show (3 to 13 March 2016), the brand introduces the C8 Preliator. The newcomer is the successor of the C8 aileron, was started in the year 2009, from just the last five pieces in the Spyker company in the English Coventry were mounted. Like all models of the brand is thought the C8 Preliator for buyers who appreciate lovingly executed details and custom made parts. The production will start in the last quarter of 2016.

Road-Jet with 420 HP

The design of the Preliator integrates elements from the aviation industry, which played a role in the company's history. The car should be a "road"Jet, a plane without wings. As the Lotka, also the newcomer is powered by a V8 Audi. A compressor raises the performance of the 4.2 liter engine but from 400 to 525 HP, peak torque is now at 600 Newton metres. Switching is with a six-speed box GETRAG or optionally with a six-speed Tiptronic ZF. 4.63 metres long and only 1.20 meters high car weighs 1,390 kg dry. Less in focus as the exclusive details, the performance, the Spyker stand apparently only incidentally announced. They are quite appealing: 3.7 seconds the standard Sprint takes, up to 322 km/h are possible. The exclusivity of the car is protected by the limitation to 50 pieces.

Name recalls Spykers struggle for survival

The somewhat strange-sounding name (as the company motto "nulli tenaci invia est via") from Latin, where the word "Warrior" or "Fighter" means. As the design of the car, this is a note on the history, as Spyker built combat aircraft during the first world war. The name to remember but also of the struggles that the trade mark as such has fought in recent years: after Spyker 2010 Saab engine took over from General, the loss-making car business should be sold 2011. 2014 Spyker announced then bankruptcy, from which the company again has abound on. And now Spyker CEO Viktor R. Muller cited the great Enzo Ferrari with the words: "what lies behind one, doesn't matter." (sl)