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Cologne, 12 December 2016

The top-selling Renault electric car in Germany is the Zoe. Just the compact car has experienced a range update and get a bigger battery that only every 400 kilometers to make possible a recharge. But not only in normal E-car does something, even the commercial traffic to be electrified. For this reason, Renault has the Kangoo since end of 2011 P.M in the program. After a facelift in 2013, the transporter is provided now with an increased range.

From 170 to 270 km range

With the Kangoo Z.E. Renault wants to attract "Environmentally responsible fleet operators, craft and commercial enterprises" according to his own words. So far, the electric motor be 60 HP with 226 nm of torque from a 22-kWh battery was fed. A range of 170 km from this calculated is per 100 kilometres kWh consumption of 14. In everyday use, there were only about 100 kilometres. With the Akkuupdate, the theoretical range now on 270 km to grow up what would be a realistic distance of about 200 km.

More information until early 2017

It is not yet known how and whether further technical data, performance or the prices will change. More information about the updated Kangoo Z.E. (and the long version of the name "Maxi") will there be the motor after the premiere at the European show 2017 (January 14 to 22) in Brussels. Through the enlarged battery of electric vans should but are slightly heavier and slightly more expensive at a slightly reduced payload. So far, weighs the Kangoo Z.E. between 1.5 and 1.6 tons and can carry about 600 kilograms of payload. He is 24.157 euro at the dealer. (ml)