ADAC summer tyre test in 2018

Munich, 22. February 2018

What stood out in the ADAC winter tyre test for the first time, in the current summer test tires: Price-cost second brands to achieve the same or similar good results as the group of mothers. In the Golf-Dimension 205/55 R 16 Bridgestone offshoot Firestone achieved with the Roadhawk is the identical overall score of 2.3, the Conti, a subsidiary of Semperit Speed-Life only a tenth of a worse outcome (2,4). In the Fiesta-size 175/65 R 14 of the falcons, a branch of the Japanese Sumitomo, even the winner of the test (Note 2,3), together with the "good" Conti-second brand Semperit (2,4).

The wear values

Can also save, who pays attention to the Wear of a tire. For the Test the mileage was determined in each tyre to around 15,000 kilometers. Of these, about 60 percent of country road and 40% motorway. As a test vehicle, a VW Golf VII served the 2.0 TDI with half the payload. The winner of the test Michelin Primacy 3 drives with more than 45,000 kilometres of almost 20,000 kilometres more than the "adequate" rated Infinity Ecosis.

Large differences in the wet

Noticeable at this year's summer tyre test are the brakes on the differences in Wet: the Sava Perfecta has placed in the 175er size of the Continental premium contact 5 is a nearly ten meters shorter stopping distance (42.7 metres from 80 km/h on a wet road surface) than the Last, with 52.2 meters.

Price comparisons of remain important

"We advise motorists to compare prices for the selected tire in the case of multiple retailers", says ADAC-expert Reinhard scouring. "First of all, a look at the second brands can be worth it, but also at the individual categories. Because for a lot of drivers, a slightly higher purchase price due to low wear and tear attributed to costs."(sl)