ADAC breakdown statistics buried the

Munich, February 3, 2015

For so many who observed the industry for some time, it is a sensation: The decades ( since 1967), known as the " ADAC breakdown statistics " report will be abolished. Exist in the future, it is now published " road patrol balance ", which, however, for motorists has less information value, since the ranking of the models is missing.

After the Yellow Angel modest affair

So far, the statistics with the unspoken tenor was published: Read the breakdown statistics, and you know what models are reliable and which are not. But it is precisely this conclusion has been repeatedly called into question, and not without reason. Because in addition to the ADAC offer, for example, manufacturers such as BMW Roadside services, which could distort the result. Presumably a consequence of the Yellow Angel affair ?? Members vote on the most popular car was manipulated by the head of the press department ?? enters the automobile club now on reserved.

No more Model Statistics

Especially now fall down broken on some models margins paying off. How ADAC us a spokeswoman said, they can be accessed only by members on the club's app or via the ADAC website ?? for each model, but not more than ranking. Next it will give roadside assistance balance with more general results that we want to share with. Thus rendered in 2014 the ADAC breakdown helpers 3940000 times help. The number of operations compared to 2013 ( 4.1 million ) fell slightly ?? According to the ADAC due to the mild weather. Work richest day was for the " Yellow Angel" December 29, 2014: Immediately after the Christmas holidays was due to a nationwide average onset of winter every 3.3 seconds a call for help at the ADAC ?? certainly often due to ignition problems.

Battery and generator number one concern

But not only on this record day was the cause of the electrical car trouble. Throughout the year, most of time ( 46 percent) were caused by electrical problems. In the individual causes problem child number one was the battery, which resulted in a total of 709,939 assistance, followed by tires and wheels ( 139,871 cases), the ignition system ( 134,083 cases) and starters ( 93,887 cases). The liberation of trapped children in car repairs after martens and even the flotation of a diesel locomotive were among the challenges for 1750 ADAC helper . ( sl)