A special model as the final chord

Stuttgart, 23. October 2017

The Mercedes-AMG G 65 runs. The 17 liters of standard fuel consumption of the twelve-cylinder model too much? No, the reason for the leak. In the case of the G-class, a generation change is imminent, as early as 2018, the new G comes out, maybe even with a V12 Version. Goodbye to the old twelve-cylinder model Mercedes skin anyway again on the timpani – with a Final Edition, the world's only built 65 Times.

In 5.3 seconds to 100 kph

The 6.0-Liter Biturbo V12 as in the series 630 HP and 1,000 Newton-meters of torque. The power is transmitted by a seven-speed automatic to all four wheels. So the car accelerates in 5.3 seconds to 100 kph, the maximum speed is 230 km/h. Great ground clearance and long suspension travel provide the basis for excellent off-road properties.

Bronze coloured Details on the outside, brown Details inside

To include the external marks of the Final Edition, especially the bronze-colored Details. In this hue the 21-inch wheels, the mirrors, the Grill frame that is kept under-run protection, and a Detail of the cover of the (outdoor hanging) spare wheel. Silver brake calipers and a Sport trim come on the side. To fit the Bronze Details on the outside, the light brown stitching on the inside of the Seats and on the dashboard. There is also a black Nappa leather interior. The seat comfort package including multicontour seats and climatised seats for driver and front passenger on Board. The prices for the G 65 Final Edition start at 310.233 Euro. The additional cost compared with the serial version is around 37,000 euros.(sl)