A small vans, three drives

Hanover, November 27, 2014

A van is not always Sprinter, crafter or Ducato hot, with an exterior length of about four meters and run with diesel: We all know the big boxes, space-intensive open up in the early morning, the second parking row because nowhere a regular parking space with appropriate dimensions free is. VW commercial vehicles now provides a remedy for the offer and demand principle, for a small delivery vans study showed the Hanoverian at the IAA 2013, and promised to build them, if enough interested parties would find.

285 kg payload, 990 liters of cargo

The now approved as a commercial vehicle e-load up based on the five-door passenger electric-Up and differs only in a few elements. Behind the two front seats there is a permanently installed partition grille with behind befindlichem cargo space. The flat bottom is equipped with lashing eyes and can hold up to 285 kg payload with a maximum volume of 990 liters. From the outside the small load carriers can be seen only by the rear tinted windows.

Electric drive 160 km range

Propulsion is a 82-hp electric motor, which develops a maximum torque of 210 Newton meters and transport flea accelerates in 12.4 seconds to 100 kph provides. Puts an end to the e-load up at 130 km / h. The built-in the underfloor lithium-ion batteries can be loaded via the " gas cap " on the classic position by AC and DC. Grasp 18.7 kilowatt hours, which should be enough for up to 160 kilometers electric.

More expensive than an entry-Sprinter

The little stream transporter can be ordered now and costs in its basic version 23046 € (excluding VAT). Whether the trader Kurierdienstler or service but prefer not to save around 2,000 euros and it buys a Mercedes Sprinter? And pizza delivery and social service providers who then but need much less cargo space, will resort ( from 11,723 euros ) rather on the van-Up with 60 - horsepower gasoline engine ( from 9,223 euros ) or 68-hp natural gas. (ml)