A question of Durchblicks

Stuttgart, 11 July 2016

If dust or insects: In summer collects all sorts on the windshield. So-called summer Screenwash are the solution. In contrast to the winter blends, you waive alcohol which is intended to prevent freezing. Now, the testing organization GTÜ has tested 10 mixes.

Cheap is good

Previously as 1:100 summer windshield cleaner-concentrate in 250-milliliter vial spread. But now the trend to mixes that can be used just like. Test winner was the "Xtreme disc cleaner summer" by Sonax "highly recommended" rating. The three-litre less than eight euros. But so much you must not spend money: two landed on space "Scheibenklar summer ready to use" by Ernst in the five-liter canister for only 2.75 Euro. Also a "highly recommended" Dr. Wack and shell products earned.

Bag instead of canister

None of the ten products is flunked: the GTÜ used to examine standardized testing dirt. Simulated was both "Country dirt" with insect residues as "City dirt", which consists of tire wear and exhaust soot. The number of cleaning operations was examined on the windshield of a Mercedes SLK. The application was in the results: here are flexible stand-up pouches to rigid containers in the advantage. The detailed test results, see our picture gallery. (rh)