A piece of Italy from the Designer

Frankfurt, April 13, 2015

1951 saw Ron Arad in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Light of the world. Today, Arad is one of the most influential artists, industrial designers and architects. A central theme of his life is the Fiat 500. His father owned in the late 1940s, a copy of the first series. Later Arad drove himself a " Nuova 500 " in 1957. It is still the Fiat 500 is connected as a driver as well as an artist. In his book " In Reverse " he turned for example, six historic Cinquecento in an installation. Now wearing a strictly limited edition model of the current Fiat 500 his name.

extensive facilities

The Fiat 500 Ron Arad Edition is a tribute to the classic 500 from 1957. Its silhouette is plotted with contrasting lines on the body of the new. The principle painted metallic black Editions vehicle is also lavishly equipped for striking appearance: Standard include a glass roof, black leather seats with Ivory stitching, a central seven-inch TFT display, a leather steering wheel, automatic climate control, fog lights and 16 -inch alloy wheels on board. Is powered vice modeled by a 500 1.2-liter gasoline engine with 69 hp.

Limited number of exclusive price

A total of 200 units of the Arad - Editions - 500ers be built. 40 copies of it to come to Germany. The collectible is to have from 18,950 euros ?? including a faithful model car 1:18 scale. A normal base Fiat 500 with the same engine, although less exclusive and less well equipped, but the starting price is only 12,250 euros . (ml)