A Pick-up from the USA, and yet nobel

Chelsea (Michigan/USA), 27. June 2017

US cars don't have the reputation to be especially classy, and the Pick-ups. Also with the new Ram Limited Tungsten Edition, probably no one would be ancestors to the Opera, but for a Pick-up of the necessary, luxury is not really bad: The special edition is the most luxurious Pick-up in the Palette of the brand.

Not really precious, but rare

The luxury segment in the case of the Pick-ups is growing. Particularly buyers of the Heavy-Duty versions tend to be luxurious equipment, Ram. More than 40 percent of the Ram 3500 Heavy Duty will be ordered in a choice of luxury furnishings. The name Tungsten, the special edition borrows in chemistry: He stands for tungsten, a heavy metal with high density, from which the English name is derived: "Tung Sten" in Swedish means "heavy stone". That Ram chooses this name, appears at first somewhat puzzling, particularly because precious metal is not. But it is rare: The content in the earth's crust is only to 0.0001 percent by weight. In this respect, the Name is well suited for an exclusive special edition.

Luxurious Top Of The Range Model

The Limited Tungsten Edition is based on the equipment version Limited. From this, the special model takes the chrome grill with a large RAM logo. On the tailgate the same great characters appear, however, in the color of the car. Also bumpers, mirrors, door handles and running boards are kept in the vehicle colour, a dark headlight cover glass, and shiny wheels.

Classy leather and air suspension

Inside, the Tungsten Edition offers a roof lining made of beige suede and a leather trim in the same color with dark piping, as well as Indigo colored leather on doors and middle armrest. Fine wooden elements, Indigo-colored carpets and Limited Badges. Facilities include an air suspension system (1500), a Radio-navigation system with 8.4-inch Display, a rearview camera, power-adjustable pedals with memory function, heated steering wheel, heated seats front and rear, as well as the cooled seats in the front.

Prices: From about 49,000 Euro

Market launch in the USA in the third quarter of 2017, so from October. The special edition will be offered as the Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500 (with dual rear tires), for both the Crew Cab and the Mega Cab (Heavy Duty), in combination with Two - or four-wheel drive and for the long as the short wheelbase. The prices start at 55.120 dollars for the Ram 1500 Edition, Tungsten, equivalent to approximately 49,000 euros.(sl)