A 800 -horsepower V12 for track

Gaydon, 25 February 2015

And secretly Aston Martin seems to have worked in the past time in a sports car for the race, because at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 ( 5 to 15 March ) represent the British already planned before the final product. The Aston Martin Vulcan is then transferred during the year 2016 and is the exclusive customer hands McLaren or Ferrari GTR P1 fxxk defy.

A " track-only supercar " with design view

The design of the Vulcan was written by the team of Aston Martin Chief Designer Marek Reichman. The design of the new GT race car will give an outlook on future design elements of street-legal sports cars of the brand.

The Coronation of King Carbon

In addition to new lighting concepts in the front and the rear was mainly due to a non-saving: to air control blades made ​​of carbon. Around the vehicle spread spoiler, lips, Blades, sills and inlets and outlets. The carbon coronation are the fixed bar and rear diffuser. The exhaust system of the engine ends here atypical in the side skirts front of both rear wheels.

Racing technology inside

Under the skin of the limited edition of 24 copies Renner in addition to a carbon monocoque puts a lot of the FIA ​​approved racing technology. These include a carbon-ceramic brake system, optimized for track suspension with adjustable damping system and a variable traction control. In addition to the usual security features are like a roll cage, a racing seat with matching belt system and fire fighting equipment on board.

Known technical data, unknown performance

For plenty of power in the fire-breathers ensures, unlike McLaren or Ferrai a pure V12 engine without e-additive and battery technology. The unit produces seven liters a maximum output of 800 hp. The front mid-engine transmits its power exclusively to the rear axle on. On the asphalt of the tunneling then passes through a mighty and wide 345er racing tires from Michelin. Other values ​​such as sprinting ability or speed limit has not yet been announced by the manufacturers.

Individual Driver Training 2016

If you can count from 2016 to the chosen customer, you can get by acquiring the ability to create an individual driver training. In this case, one is led to the race track of the Aston Martin Vantage S on the One-77 and the current Vantage GT4 race car up to the new Aston Martin Vulcan. If you have done it then behind the new and open-top steering wheel, the engine power is initially turned down by a switch on around 500 hp. This is probably to prevent the expensive single pieces are made ​​of carbon fiber dust immediately at the first corner. The racing tools and driver training is not cheap: We forecast cost of about two million euros . (ml)