59 km electric with the BMW 3-series plug-in

At the presentation of the new BMW 3-series, it became apparent that a plug-inhybride version will appear. It is now clear how far this car purely on electricity should be able to come.

BMW gives to the new 330e, such as the car probably once again going to be called, an electric range of 59 km. It is still a provisional value, but which makes clear that the car is significantly further than its predecessor. At the time of that car gave BMW namely an electric range of 39 km. With a little more than one and a half times the previous range, all-electric commute a bit more accessible, though it is of course always the question is how such a range in the practice turns out.

The new plug-inhybride will in these times of equal addition is undoubtedly not be able to match the popularity of its predecessor, but, thanks to a low CO2-emissions and thus a favourable BPM amount is still an attractive offer. The car will appear in the course of 2019 on the European market and for that time there is undoubtedly more information available. Also a sporty M Performance version of the M340i, within a foreseeable time to come out.