550 -hp Jaguar against Jet Man

Dubai ( United Arab Emirates ), December 10, 2015

What a race: 550 hp V8 car against a man in the jet set. With 56 years of former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle and the Swiss pilot and inventor Yves Rossy are actually almost too old for this crazy competition. Nevertheless, they came today 10 December in the first Desert Drag Race the world against each other.

What a pairing: Rossy, for it was the first race of his life, against Brundle, who played countless Formula racing in the 80s and 90s. Over a distance of 1.75 miles ( about 2.8 km), they started on a closed, private road and the air space against each other. Brundle simply got into the new Jaguar XJR with its 550-hp 5.0 - liter supercharged V8 and stepped on the gas. He benefited from the traction system All Surface Progress Control ( ASPC ), which gives the rear-wheel drive of the XJR to more grip ?? especially on sandy stretches like these. Brundle reached a maximum speed of 280 km / h ?? which is the maximum speed of the XJR.

Jump from the helicopter

Rossy had it not so easy: He was strapped to its wing with two meter wingspan and four turboprop engines of Jet - Cat and plunged like a helicopter. After five seconds, free fall, he became the Horizontal flight reaching 314 km / h ?? he flew over the finish line first and won. In our video, the race can be seen . ( sl )