500,000 euros worth of Teslas deliberately burned down because the brand is 'the enemy'

Climate activists also don't think EVs are that clean at all

"Haha, another bunch of fairground cars pressing the self-destruct button," we hear the EV haters think. This time it's different. The fire in these Teslas has been ignited. An environmental group announced on a news platform that they were behind the action. According to the German police, the damage amounts to 500,000 euros.

The climate activists are clearly targeting the car industry. Activists first took action at the IAA in Munich. At this car fair, the tires of 51 Porsches were deflated. The group also claims the action on the German platform Indymedia . The activists placed an A4 sheet of paper under the windshield wiper of each Porsche with the message: 'Your gas guzzler is deadly'.

Tesla is the next victim

Now the group is targeting Tesla. In Frankfurt, five Teslas were damaged during an earlier attempt. Now ten Model Ys have gone up in flames in the Fechenheim district. This time no jokes about self-destructive EVs, because these attacks on the cars have also been claimed by the group.

According to the anonymous group, Tesla represents "the ideology of green capitalism and global and colonial destruction." According to the group, electric driving is not the most sustainable solution: 'Electric motors are constantly presented as the clean alternative. That's a cynical lie.'

The protesters also claim to have 'sabotaged' the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin. Why is the group doing this? “These are all major parts of damaging this company. Also economically, but especially politically.' The German police will now investigate the cause of the fire.