3008 and 308 with spotted grille and new taillights

Beijing, 26 April 2016

Peugeot reveals Beijing Auto China 2016 (29 April to 4 May)-new versions of the 3008 and the 308. The French trade mark no more than crossover considers now the 3008 SUV. The Grill will also receive a distinctive chrome rim, in the grilling surface, metal elements are interspersed now just like in the "diamond Grill" by Mercedes. In the Middle stands the Silver Lion, roaring and schwanzwedelnd as usual. So far, the logo of the brand on the front hood was located.

360-degree camera system and more

The headlights look also different, the triangle shape is retained, but the bottom is now straight and there there seems now to be led day driving light. Peugeot gave us only a single image of the new 3008, and it is not to see the rear. But there are reportedly back a new light signature, which consists of three lines on a black background probably that looks then like the also shown saloon 308 (more on that later). Of the Interior, there are no pictures yet. Peugeot promises Driver Wizard as a 360-degree camera system and a collision warning system.

And what is with the cockpit of i?

The new i-cockpit with the modern instrument display, which was recently announced for the new 3008 in Europe is not mentioned. Apparently, the new cockpit is not coming to China. When the coming new 3008 to us, is not revealed yet. Anyway, the second of five new Peugeot SUVs should be 2008 the 3008 after the recently lifted, starting in 2016.

New 4008 and 5008 are likely to follow

A new is likely one of the planned new models be 4008. The latest version of (identical with the Mitsubishi ASX) disappeared in April 2016 from the Peugeot website. Also the 5008, based on the same platform as the 3008, is likely to follow soon. Following the naming logic, you could still have a speculate 1008 and a 6008.

Also, 308 soon with a pit barbecue?

The compact 308 model is sold at us as a sloping rear car and station wagon. However, the notchback version is important in China. The shown in Beijing, new version is based on the platform of EMP2 (efficient modular platform), on which also the current European hatchback 308 is based. As the new 3008 also the notchback-308 a "spotted"Grill and tail lights, the elements red from three exist. Since the current, second generation of the 308 in Europe in the year 2013 started, he could anticipate Chinese 308 elements of a facelift. The same applies by the 3008, which 2013 received the last facelift and now could get a second. If we are right, we Europeans must forward to barbecue pit and three red rear lights, in the 308 as well as at the 3008.(sl)