?? The fastest luxury car in the world ??

Crewe ( UK ), September 25, 2014

Curtain up: Bentley has a new flagship for the Paris Motor Show ( October 4 to 19 2014) in his luggage. The new Mulsanne Speed ​​to be the "fastest luxury car in the world ," said Bentley. For the designers and engineers missed the luxury British new exclusive design elements, a sport suspension and steering tuning and revised the engine.

More power to the steamer

In 4.9 seconds, just 5.58 meters long sprints and 2685 kg heavy Mulsanne speed from zero to 100 km / h. Conclusion is only at 305 km / h. The powerplant the British used the modified version of the 6.75 - liter twin-turbo V8, which is known from classical Mulsanne sedan. The displacement - making giant in the new Speed ​​537 hp and a maximum torque of 1,100 Newton meters. The latter is even at 1,750 rev / min. For the transfer of power to the rear axle also a revised eight-speed automatic transmission is used.

Bentley and efficiency

That the new Bentley ?? although Volkswagen as the parent is behind ?? not an economist, such as a golf is likely to be clear. The Mulsanne Speed ​​has an average fuel consumption of 14.6 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions of " only " 342 grams per kilometer. The specified energy needs through a cylinder shut-off at low engine load is reached ( the Mulsanne Speed ​​then only runs on four pots ) and a modified transmission control.

New travel mode

Going beyond the driving modes " Bentley " and " Comfort ", the Mulsanne Speed ​​in "Sport " mode can be moved. The setting tightens steering and air suspension and so should provide a more direct driving experience. In addition, the engine speed is always more than 2000 U / min maintained, so that the turbocharger at any time to develop its full power. In addition, the driver can also define a custom mode with personal settings for steering, chassis and engine.

New on the outside

Both the stainless steel grille, and the vents on the fenders are provided with a dark tint. Dark tinted elements are also integrated into the headlights and the tail lights of the Mulsanne Speed ​​. As the first Bentley model he gets forged 21 - inch wheels with directional tread design. The front wings and the door sill plates also bear the speed emblem polished stainless steel.

From inside new

In addition to new color combinations of veneer or leather options, Dick ship comes with extensive standard features such as perforated light alloy pedals and a sporty designed shift lever. Upon request, the interior can be equipped with lots of technology. A 60-gigabyte hard drive stores music and videos. Also as an option have the backs of the front seats on automatically extendable tables with brackets and connections for Tablet PCs. An in-vehicle wireless router with integrated secure internet access. For the rear, a refrigerated compartment for drinks can moreover order.

Saving plan for winter

After the premiere in Paris, the potential client will have to wait until the new year, Bentley to begin deliveries of the sporty luxury liner. Still have some time to save, because at least 272,200 euros call for the British for the new Mulsanne Speed ​​. (ml)