Mercedes-Benz SL 600

As a classic roadster, the Mercedes-Benz SL 600 continued from 1992 to the road to the luxury of Untert├╝rkheimer send such a strong convertible to expand and to succeed the R107 series, the popular one at the present time is classic car. Acts as an engine mobilized in the Mercedes-Benz SL 600 with a V12 petrol engine 5,987 cc displacement of 394 hp. Thus, today's classic cars is still good for a top speed of 250 km / hr. Starting in 2002, went to the still current Mercedes-Benz 600 SL of the R 320 series, and was first shipped with 500 horsepower from a V12 - cylinder engine with twin turbochargers as a new car. In the wake of yet 2.Modellpflegen the strong engine power was again increased to 517 hp. Still the top speed of the Mercedes-Benz SL 600 at 250 km / h electronically limited, but the figures speak sprint (4.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h) volumes about the potential of the sports car. Despite the power of the Mercedes-Benz SL 600, according to Daimler can be moved with average 13.6 liters of Super per 100 kilometers.