Mercedes-Benz SL 280

The Mercedes-Benz SL 280 is an open sports car with soft top (also from 1995 with hardtop) is also sold under the term roadster since 1989 as a new car. The first model of the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL was offered in the R129 series and was based on the then S-Class Untert├╝rkheimer. Innovative for its time was the automatic roll-over bar at the Mercedes-Benz SL 280, which was automatically extended in a rollover of the vehicle and thus improved safety in the roadster. Motorised the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL was supported by a 6-cylinder petrol engine with 183 or from the model year 1998 with 204 hp. From 2001, the still current Mercedes-Benz SL 280 took over the reins of the R230 series S-Class roadster, which was however produced with this model name only in the period from 2008 to 2009 and since then as SL 300 is sold. The change of model name is due to the V6 engine, the ┬│ with a displacement of 2,996 cm and 231 hp of the Mercedes-Benz SL 280 is not consistent and therefore can not be purchased as a used car.