Lada Priora

With the Lada Priora a new era in the history of Germany Lada is rung : the first time with the factory are internally designated Lada 2170 and Lada 2172 Lada Priora models two cars for the middle class segment. As usual Lada Priora also proves to be the bargain offer : The retail price for the new models, which are both offered as a sedan as well as hatchback sedan, starts at 8,500 €. Daf ÜR you get with the Lada Priora a vehicle that offers not only an attractive price-performance ratio over space and comfort for the whole family. Thanks to its 98 hp in his native Russia a hundred thousand times proven 1.6 - liter 16V engine Priora offers acceptable performance values: The maximum speed for the complacent designed Lada car is 183 km / h the average consumption is the Russian car company at 6.3 l/100 km. For a surcharge of € 2,300 and the installation of a bivalent Priora car gas system is available on request. The equipment of the Lada mid-range models can be seen: The Priora offers among other things, power steering, electric windows, central locking with remote control, Metallic Paint, as well as front airbags and anti-lock brakes as safety features. Surcharge can be the Lada Priora sedan for comfort with air-conditioning, alloy wheels and heater upgrade.