Ferrari 246

The correct name is the Ferrari 246 Dino 246 GT and sparked the 1971 Ferrari Dino 206 from. The Dino 246 GT has a larger 2.4-liter with 195 hp and a cast iron engine block, instead of an aluminum block. This engine was much more durable and the car sold well until 1974. Total 2487 Ferrari 246 GT Coupe and 1274 246 GTS (Targa) have been delivered. The Ferrari Dino 246 GT has a 60 mm wider wheel base and brings together 200 kg more on the scale than its predecessor. The Ferrari Dino 246 GTS accelerates in about 7.4 s to hundreds and reaches a top speed of over 238 km / h Even a car like the Ferrari 246-a coveted collector's item, you can purchase a new car at an affordable price at this website.