Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD

With the Chrysler 300C brings the American manufacturer for over 15 years, the first time a car with rear wheel drive on the market. And the switch from front to rear wheel drive has many advantages: for example, occur not drive influences on the steering on. Additionally, the rear-wheel drive contributes to a better distribution of weight between the front and rear of the Chrysler 300C, which in turn has a very positive effect on handling and driving dynamics. Another novelty is the diesel under the bonnet powerful. The Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD has a V6 diesel engine and is equipped with a diesel particulate filter. Despite its cost, it is understood the Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD to convince with its enormous maximum torque of 510 Nm. The 218 hp make the sedan is also a very sporty diesel vehicle. Thus, the accelerated equipped with standard 18-inch wheels Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD 7.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, and is over 200 km / h fast. ABS, ESP and various airbags come as standard safety features of the Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD as Xenon Headlamps. If you want to buy a new or used car, you should look at this website. Here you will find, among other sedans such as the Chrysler 300C New or Used car of the year as well as in all variants.

Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD photos