Saab 90

The midsize car Saab 90 came in 1984 as the successor to the almost essential eras Saab 99 on the market. The front end has been taken over by the Saab 99, the Saab 900 Sedan rear came from, who came off the line from 1978. The Saab 90 was built solely as a two-door sedan and sold on the European market. This mid-size model features front-wheel drive and is equipped with a 2.0 - liter four-cylinder engine developing 100 hp. Optionally, the Saab 90 was offered with a manual four-or five-speed automatic transmission. After more than 25,300 copies, made ​​the production of the Saab 90 was set in 1987. A car like the Saab 90 you can purchase a new car very cheap at this website.