You have a bird?

Crewe (Great Britain), May 19, 2017

You are big, fast and very luxurious SUVs. Is her second-favorite hobby the falconry? Yes, what may sound like two quite different passions for the average middle European, heard in the Arab world almost to normal everyday life employment. And now even better able to connect these two hobbies, Bentley brings the ultimate SUV for every falconers the Bentayga falconry by Mulliner.

Two noble transport boxes in the trunk

As the name suggests it, the bird Bentayga crafted at the Bentley finishers Mulliner is made. The highlight of the Special Edition's hiding in the trunk. There are two boxes covered with Cork a flight station with Hawk accessories and a food box. The flight station includes binoculars, GPS transmitters for bird location and on request also handmade leather hoods and gloves. There are three stainless steel pots, cups, a blanket and napkins in the food box. There's a kind of stool for the hawks, so that the owner can prepare the animal quietly in the shadow of the trunk lid for the hunt.

Prices? It is not cheap probably...

How the Interior of the Bentayga falconry a normal Bentayga differs from? On the armrest of the finishers installed a removable bird seat and the dashboard is a desert scene with Falcon, which consists of 430 pieces of wood and their making takes more than nine working days. The manufacturer does not give a price for the extra equipment. Since it moves with the Bentayga but already in circles where money is itself really matter (at least 174.335 euro are due for the SUV, also like once converted over one million euros will be paid for a noble Hawk), the exclusive falconry equipment should be not cheap. (ml)