With this chip (which is already in new cars), offenders can be stopped remotely

The end of chase videos on YouTube?

In 2019, more than 10,000 motorists in the Netherlands were fined for ignoring a red cross. The following two years the number of offenders was approximately halved; what such a pandemic is not good for. The fine increased this year from 250 euros to 260 euros, but that does not yet have the desired effect. Contractor company Heijmans has had enough and wants a rigorous approach.

Construction workers working on the road (but also recovery workers who help stranded motorists) are at risk from drivers who ignore red crosses. Accidents happen almost every week. Heijmans proposes using a chip in the car. This modem chip provides the WiFi network in new cars, but can also stop the car remotely.

How can a car stop via a chip?

The director of Heijmans explains on BNR : an arrow car sends a signal to the chip of the car. When the signal arrives at the car, a red cross message appears. If the driver continues to drive and a collision is imminent, the system can take over the car and stop it remotely.

It sounds like a difficult plan to implement, because the system must be sure that the car is in the red cross lane. Besides ignoring the red cross, you can imagine that the police are also interested in this; if someone ignores a stop sign, you simply let the driver stop. And car chases are a thing of the past (at least with modern cars).

Testing is already underway

The technology has not yet been approved in the Netherlands. Testing is already underway in Austria and Germany. Older cars, which do not have such a chip, cannot be stopped remotely. So you have to think about how you can safely stop a car on the highway, without an older car crashing into the back of it.